Quality and Honesty Since 1953

Stillwell Garage offers honest and reliable auto repair and bodywork.  

Our loyal customers can vouch for it!

My name is Andrew Daniele and I have had my Chiropractic office here in Matawan for 30 years.  For the past 15 years I have been using Stillwell Garage and I would highly recommend them.  I started there because they were right down the street from my office, but I continued there because of their excellent work and very reasonable fees.  I always feel I am getting an honest assessment of my vehicle's situation and they stand behind their work 100%. I have recommended Stillwell to family and friends and they have had similar experiences.  Any service oriented business is only as good as their integrity, and Stillwell is a place that will treat you fairly and make you feel like a valued customer.
-Dr. Andrew Daniele, DC
Matawan, NJ

Stillwell Garage is the best in the Matawan area.  The service is great on the vehicles and they care about all of the customers.  I have never had a bad experience here and their prices are reasonable.
-Lorie Austin
Matawan, NJ

Full disclosure: I'm writing this not based on any services provided by the guys at Stillwell. I am, however, writing this based on a call I had with Mike a few days ago. 

I needed an inspection on a car I was looking at buying. Everyone I called in the Matawan area came off as brash, with little time for me or my call about needing service from them. That's when I dialed up Stillwell. Mike answered, and took probably ten minutes from his day to talk with me about inspections and the like. I needed someone to come to the place where the car was, and, unfortunately, Mike said they weren't able to do that. He was willing to slot me in during the next business day for a quick inspection on the pretenses that he'd rather do it where he had more time to be very thorough. Unfortunately, my timetable didn't allow me the luxury of waiting a couple of days to get it done, but if I was able, I'd have taken it to Stillwell without hesitation.

The best part: Despite not scheduling anything with them, he still took the time to help me locate someone who would come out and do the inspection. 

If that's not the definition of good customer service, I don't know what is.

-Brian H.
Bloomfield, NJ

My car broke down on the Garden State Pkwy near Matawan. It was the middle of the night and I needed a tow to take me to a garage nearby. I did a quick search on Yelp and found Stillwell's. I'm very happy I did, car repair shops are hit and miss with a combination of characters you might want to deal with or never deal with. Stillwell's falls in the category of one you want to deal with. They were quick in diagnosing the problem and gave me a straightforward quote that was the same the day I picked up my car. It took a business day longer but the owner didn't let the car leave the shop till he was satisfied, that included repairing a headlight on the spot when I came to pick it up even tho he didn't charge me for it. My car a Saab, which is hard to find good service for these days, is running great. They did exactly what they say they would do, didn't try to get more out of me like some car shops and were pleasant throughout the experience. If you want an honest, competent auto repair shop in Matawan/Bayshore area of NJ you can't go wrong with Stillwell's, they do what they say they are going to do, know what they are good at, and that is what you want in these kinds of situations. If you are broken down somewhere right now near Matawan, NJ and are looking for an honest, reputable auto repair shop have your car taken to Stillwell's and rest easy.

-George V.
Middletown, NJ

You can be assured that you will leave one hundred percent satisfied.
-Bob Pisani
Matawan, NJ

I was not a client of Stillwell Garage until the unfortunate events of several fender benders over a short period of time.  They were recommended to me througha NJ Insurance Company.  They did not know of me, or anything about me when I first contacted them and they were the most friendly, straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is guys I have ever taken my car to.  I like the way I was treated so much, that I now use them for all my automobile needs.  They are continuously trying to work to keep me accommodated, from entertaining my request for service via the Internet, always keeping me updated as to when my car servicing will be completed, always trying to finish in a timely manner, and the final price tag is always what they tell me in advance with no surprises.  I am continuously recommending them to family and friends.  Russell and Mike are the nicest guys to do business with.  I cannot say enough about the quality of service and the respect you will be given when using them for your car needs.
-Heidi Daniels
Matawan, NJ

We have lived in Matawan since 1974 and have used Stillwell Garage on and off for many years - not only for auto repairs but for collision repairs as well.  When we call, we are always given a quick appointment and our cars are done when promised.  We feel that Stillwell's prices are fair and the service is excellent.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.
-Bob & Pat Wyshynski
Matawan, NJ

What a pleasure it is to find such a wonderful place as Stillwell Garage.  The staff is courteous, honest, friendly and very accommodating.  For many years and with many different cars, my family has always turned to Stillwell's for our automotive needs.

I cannot recommend this garage highly enough.  I encourage you to take advantage of their great service.

-Kathy Olsen
Aberdeen, NJ

I live 20 miles away from Stillwell Garage.  What more can I say?  Go the distance for professional work!
-Roy Almeida
Iselin, NJ

Two of my friends brought their cars to Stillwell Garage.  My Honda was under warranty so I brought it to the Honda dealer.  When the warranty expired, I brought my car to Mike.  I must say that I was impressed with his honesty.  (I don't trust garage owners.  I feel that sometimes they overcharge and charge for services not rendered.  My opinion, of course.)  He fixed what needed to be fixed and the charge was reasonable.  What I appreciated even more was that at times he has checked my car and did not charge.  He is always prompt and tells us exactly what is wrong and what it would take to fix it.  Now everyone in our household brings their car to Stillwell.
-Cassandra L. 
Aberdeen, NJ

Not only do they get whatever job they have done for me right, but they keep me aware of the details and why the repairs have to be done in language that any layman like me can understand.  I find this exceptional as compared to others that have worked on my autos in the past.  To me, Stillwell sets the standard of excellence in its field.
-Vince A.
Matawan, NJ

I have been a customer for more than 20 years.  I would recommend Stillwell Garage to my friends and neighbors.  They even pick you up and drive you home when the weather is bad outside!  Now that's service. 
-Barbara Bauer, Ph.D.
Matawan, NJ

Though we live in the area we had not heard of Stillwell Garage until our car was involved in an accident and our insurance company recommended we use Stillwell.  We are very pleased that they did!  Our car was immediately taken to their garage and every day either Russ or Mike phoned us to let us know precisely what was going on with our repairs.  We never had to worry about what was happening and they were adamant that they wanted to get our car back as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of their work.  Not only was it done before expected, they even sent someone to pick us up from our house so we could get our car.  We were shocked that the car looked brand new and they even had it washed, inside and out.  Our bill was itemized and we feel their prices are more than reasonable.  We would never hesitate to recommend them for any type of work, whether it is a repair or routine maintenance.
-Tom & Gretchen Fitzpatrick
Keyport, NJ

We have been customers of Stillwell Garage for about 15 years.  It is very refreshing to speak to Mike, Russ and the Stillwell team and feel like they are always looking out for our best interest.  We always trust that the problem they tell us is the honest problem and will be fixed the right way.  They are a true hometown, honest business.
-Jim Nusbaum
Matawan, NJ

My Mazda has over 210,000 miles on it, so you guys must be doing something right!  Stillwell is a great local business, which has served the community for years.
-Christie Patla
Aberdeen, NJ

These words describe the staff at Stillwell!!!  Whether we just bring our car in for air in the tires, an oil change or major work, we always trust in Russ,
Mike and the guys.  Thank you for always looking out for us.
-Karin N.
Matawan, NJ

For the last 2 years we've brought our 2 autos to Stillwell Garage for their regular maintenance.  We are treated very well.  I am given a ride home when I bring in the car.  I am later picked up when the car is ready.  The owners are honest and dependable.  We will continue to be regular customers.
-Edward Corn
Aberdeen, NJ  

I have been going to Stillwell Garage for over a year now and I can say that they are the most honest, reliable and knowledgeable people when it comes to cars.  I especially would like to make mention of Mike because he takes the time to answer all my questions and explain what exactly needs to be done.  But I'm sure all of them are as friendly and helpful as he is.

I cannot thank them enough for fixing my car after I brought it to a local retail auto shop for a simple oil change.  The car overheated and that other shop had the nerve to blame me for it.  They told me it would cost $4,000+ because of the damage to the radiator.  I called Mike and told him what happened and he immediately knew that they had messed up.  Fortunately for me, Mike was able to fix the car and the best part of it all is that it only cost $600+ for everything, including towing.

I am so glad my sister recommended Stillwell Garage to me.  I have recommended them to my friends and have been getting such good feedback from them.  There's no doubt in my mind that they are the best in what they do.

-Ida Rebueno
South Amboy, NJ

I have been a customer at Stillwell for many years.  I am still always impressed by the caring customer service I receive, and by the excellent workmanship my car receives.  No matter how big or small the repair, I have always been able to depend on the guys at Stillwell for honest, reliable, and prompt service.  They have even come and picked me up at my house so that I would be able to get my car more quickly after being serviced.  How great is that?!!

I can't say enough about how wonderful this place is, so I will end by saying a big THANK-YOU to Mike and everyone at Stillwell for all their hard work and for making my life a lot easier. 

-Cindy Bambach
Keyport, NJ

Stillwell Garage came into my life over twenty years ago.  I am thankful they are there for me.  Always upbeat and clearly explain the work to be done.  Mike, Russell and those behind the scenes, thank you!
-Mary Banar
Matawan, NJ

After about 20 years of patronizing Stillwell Garage, I still get the same friendly, efficient service.  Highly recommend for any job!
-Mike Reuter
Matawan, NJ

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and express my appreciation for taking such excellent care of my 2002 Mitsubishi Montero. You know, you move to a new state and the first thing you think about is, “Where am I going to find a great mechanic & someone I can really trust?” I was lucky enough to bump into a friend I ride the train with, and he told me, “Just take it to the garage behind the Bank of America in Matawan. They are awesome and my family has been going there for years.” I did just that and you answered the phone and I felt like I was home and I had known you for many years! You guys are terrific and you do awesome work and you have a lifetime customer in me. Last but not least, I love the service you provided while I was getting my car serviced. Stillwell Garage is just really the best and totally can see why you‘ve been in business for many, many years. You’re doing it right and I am glad to be a part of the family!!! Thank you and have a great year.
-Frankie Cora
Matawan, NJ